5 Days in Los Angeles- DAY 5

DAY 5-Burbank

On our very last day in Los Angeles, we decided to make a trip to Warner Brother's Studio for a studio tour. This is what I had been most excited for this whole trip!

We got to the studios and waited for our letter to be called. Once it was called, the excitement began! We had a great tour guide who was very personable and informative. The actual tour lasted around 2 hours, and they drop you off at the gift shop and gallery which included the Friend's set.

During the tour, we got to experience all of the behind the scenes. It was crazy to see how many TV shows and movies were filmed on these sets! Most of the main scenes in Pretty Little Liars were filmed at Warner Brothers, including Ravenwood High school, the girls' homes, and their city. The same area was used to film Gilmore Girls, and of course FRIENDS! We also got to see the "jungle" that was used to film Jurassic Park. 


Our tour guide was great and had a little surprise for us. He drove us to one of the lots and led us inside. Our minds were blown! It was a showcase of the batmobiles used in the Batman movies. All of the vehicles are driveable too!


We were in for a special treat this day. We got to enter the set of the Big Bang Theory. Unfortunately, no photos or videos were permitted in the warehouse. But it was definitely a great treat, seeing as I am a big Big Bang Theory fan.

The last stop was the gift shop and gallery. And of course....the Friend's set! This was DEFINITELY my favourite part of the whole tour. Just being able to sit on the couch of the set made me feel like Rachel's best friend.


Because this day was one of the warmest days of the week, my boyfriend and I decided to check out Runyon Canyon. We didn't quite have our hiking gear with us, but we made do. It was such a beautiful view at the top overlooking L.A.. 


We were very sad that this was our last day, but I can definitely say that Los Angeles stole our hearts. We absolutely loved it here and will definitely be heading back hopefully sooner rather than later.