5 Days in Los Angeles- DAY 1



My boyfriend and I decided to take a week of vacation and travel to the beautiful city of Los Angeles, California. We definitely did not think we would fall in love with this city as much as we did.

The first day here, we decided to roam downtown Los Angeles and check out everything from the Grand Central Market to the OUE Skyspace. We were pleasantly surprised with how many available parking garages were available with reasonable pricing. We parked at Pershing Square for about $7 with the early bird special on a Sunday ($10 on weekdays for early bird). 

Our first stop was the Grammy Museum. Now, I'm not the biggest fan of museums. As much as I can appreciate contemporary museums, I am much more inclined to emerge myself into the content of the museum if it is interactive. The Grammy Museum is just that! Filled with a variety of music genres, you can take yourself back in time and groove out to some oldie's or jam out to some current pop music. 

grammy museum.jpg
grammy museum 2.jpg
grammy museum 1.jpg

The next stop on our itinerary was Grand Central Market. If you're not familiar with the Grand Central Market, it is an indoor emporium for food vendors and florists. One of the most popular food vendors is Egg Slut, so we decided to try it out! We got the bacon, cheese, and egg sandwich on a brioche bun. The egg oozed out with each bite. It was delicious and definitely worth the wait in line!


Our last stop of the day was OUE Skyspace. It was an absolutely phenomenal view at the top. It features a 360 degree view of all of Los Angeles, and if you pay $8 extra you get to ride down their glass slide. The slide takes you from one floor to another while you are completely surrounded by glass! It was a short yet thrilling ride down that's for sure!


At the end of the day, we decided to take the scenic route back to our hotel and enjoyed the sunset as we drove along the coast!


It was a great first day in Los Angeles with only more fun to come!