Being In A Relationship In 2018


In today's day and age we live in what I like to call a social media frenzy. If you were to look at a friend's search history it would more likely than not contain links to Facebook, Instragram, Tumblr, and Reddit just to name a few.

So how does one hold onto a relationship with all of these distractions? Or what the real question is, what does being in a relationship in 2018 REALLY mean?

An endless amount of photo taking.

Ever wonder how Instagram users just seem to ALWAYS have such a picture perfect presence? Their hair is flowing in the right direction, all of their photos are taken on their good side, and they are seemingly laughing at the wind like it just told the best joke.

Well ladies and gents, the secret to these amazing photos isn't actually the model themselves but rather their significant other.

That's right! Every corner is a new opportunity to catch some great photos, and the person who is conveniently by our sides is our girlfriend or boyfriend. So we pause, hand over our smart phones and start posing like we are at the end of a Victoria's Secret catwalk. The photos are edited with a few Instagram filters and immediately uploaded to all of our favourite social media platforms for all of our friends, family, and followers to react to.

Only dining at the most Instagrammable restaurants.

#DinnerInT.O. #Restaruants #DowntownRestaurants #InstaRestaurants

A simple date to dinner and a movie is long gone! Now it's all about, "where can I eat?" and "which restaurant has the best presented food for my camera to capture?".

We spend countless minutes scrolling through the hashtags on Instagram trying to find a restaurant that has Instagram quality food. We go to the restaurant, the food arrives, you smack that fork out of your boyfriend or girlfriend's hand so they don't ruin the photo, and you position your plates to capture the perfect image.

Now that's a date!

Asking Siri to answer all of your problems.

Who needs relationship therapy when you have all the answers to your problems right at your fingertips?

Having trouble choosing your first dance song at your wedding? Ask Siri.

Want to know what to buy your significant other for their birthday? Ask Siri.

Want to know what colour the sky is? Ask Siri.

Siri is your go to gal when it comes to advice. You can go to her about almost everything and she will answer the best she can. 


Disclaimer: This post is just for fun and meant to be light hearted. However, I must say I am guilty of doing these things every once in a while ;) .