Social Media Deception & How It's Interfering With Your Fitness Results

We live in a world that is constantly revolving around technology and social media. It is a world full of Instagram models, television actresses telling you how to achieve the best body, and magazines claiming to help you lose "20 Pounds in Just One Month!". With all of these influences available right at our fingertips (literally), it is difficult to put into perspective which results are real(istic) and which are not. Social media deception can be found everywhere nowadays. 

I am not going to lie, I am guilty of tailoring the pictures that I put on social media. I mean, if I can choose between an angle that makes me look cute and lean versus an angle where I look like I have 5 chins, it's clear which photo I am going to choose to post.

However, one thing is certain...these photos can be damaging to someone's self esteem and take away their motivation to reach their fitness goals. Maybe you signed up for a 3 month boot camp program after seeing remarkable transformation photos online. And one month into the program, you are not seeing the same results as these people who claim to have gotten, so you give up on the program, and get down on yourself. It brings down your self confidence, and ultimately leads to body negativity (or body dysmorphia).

The thing is, everyone is different. Everyone is going to progress at different rates, and see different types of results. Sure, it can be a pain to see one person drastically changing their physique in a matter of months, but how do you know if that change is real or not?

The photos below COULD be advertised as "HOW TO BUILD A BOOTY IN 1 MONTH". But in reality, these photos were taken 30 seconds apart from one another. BUT it can be PERCEIVED as drastic REAL results. ANGLES make a huge difference!


These two photos below could be advertised as "GET A FLAT TUMMY IN JUST 1 WEEK". And again, the photos were taken 30 seconds apart by the Instagram personalities @josievmai and @selfloveclub.

Photo Credit: @josievmai

Photo Credit: @josievmai


My main message here today is, BE CAREFUL of how you perceive images posted by others on social media. I am not saying to not use "unrealistic" photos as inspiration (by all means look at those photos) but understand the reality behind those photos. Try to understand what is realistic for YOU. We all have flaws, we just don't choose to share them to the public. It is important to not get caught up in the realm of social media and its "perfection".

Work towards small goals and in the end they all add up to something bigger. Time will pass either way, so even if it takes you twice as long to hit your goal, you will still get there!