Pulp & Press Juice Co. Review + My Thoughts on Juice Cleanses

Image: https://www.pulpandpress.com/cleanse/the-mini/

Image: https://www.pulpandpress.com/cleanse/the-mini/

You hear about all of these new fad diets and rejuvenating cleanses that claim to give you phenomenal results almost instantly! But how true are those claims?

I had done a juice cleanse not that long ago as a sort of experiment on myself. I wanted to see if these juices really made me feel "rejuvenated" and "more energetic" like most people claim. Long story short, I did not. It made me feel miserable despite still consuming a small but adequate amount of calories.

I ordered the juices from Pulp & Press Juice Co. They had great service. Once you fill out an "application" on their website to do a cleanse they will personally call or email you to set up a date to do your cleanse.

I'm not going to go into details about the cost...because quite frankly any juice cleanse that you do by purchasing the juices by a store or company is going to be quite costly. But I can tell you that the Pulp & Press Juice Co. does have some of the most reasonable prices out there.

On the company website, there were 6 cleanses to choose from at the time. Which included the following:

  • The Beginner
  • The Mini
  • Intermediate
  • The Total Makeover
  • The Chew
  • The Hangover

    I chose to do 'The Mini' since this would be my first juice cleanse.

They delivered the juices the night before day 1 of the cleanse. They also sent me an email of some tips and the 'schedule' of the juices.

I got 5 juices a day for 3 days.

Here's a little rundown of the variety of juices I got to try:

  • AlkalinityApple, Celery, Cucumber, Lime, Kale This drink was a classic juice that I would make in my own juicer at home. I drank quite a lot of this flavour on the cleanse. It was very nice. Not as sweet as the others, which is something that you need when you are drinking nothing but juice. Very refreshing. 9/10                                                                    
  • TurboApple, Celergy, Cucumber, Lime, Spinach, Spirulina  I was a little disappointed in this one. Not because it didn't taste great, but because it tasted almost identical to the alkalinity. The only difference is that you could taste a slight difference from the spinach and spirulina. I still give the flavour a rating of 9/10        
  • Red MonsterApple, Beet, Cucumber, Avocado, Lime This one is very creamy from the avocado and had a strong beet flavour. It had just the right sweetness and I think the lime balanced out this drink perfectly without making it sour. 9/10
  • Beta BlasterCarrot, Apple, Lemon, Beet, Ginger  You can taste the ginger and lemon right away which gave it a tangy taste. You can also taste the beets and a hint of carrots. The apple definitely sweetens this baby right up! It was very refreshing and sweet. 8/10        
  • HulkApple, Pineapple, Cucumber, Kale, Lime, Avocado, Spirulina  This was the first one I tried on day one and it didn't disappoint. It was creamy from avocado, and sweet & sour from the pineapple. The great thing was that you could not taste the greens! 8/10  
  • Root CellarApple, Beet, Carrot, Celery, Lemon, Ginger This one definitely stains your tongue! Nice and red from the beets. I will say if you are not a beet lover than this flavour would not be your favourite. However I love beets, so I loved this drink. It had a strong beet flavour. It also had a bit of a kick to it from the ginger which I really liked. 8/10   
  • Verde: Apple, Pinapple, Cucumber, Cilantro, Lime, Avocado, Spirulina  Another great flavour. I really loved the sweetness from the pineapple this time! It wasn't too sour and it wasn't too sweet. The only thing that I did not enjoy very much was the taste from the cilantro. 8/10
  • Lemon SherbertApple, Lemon, Beet This was the last juice of the cleanse on day 3. Definitely saved the BEST for last! It tasted just like the name sounds and was my favourite juice of the whole cleanse. It reminded me of italian ice. It did not have a strong 'beety' flavour. The juice had a nice lemony flavour without the sourness. This juice was very refreshing. I could definitely see my self drinking the thing everyday in the summer. 10/10

Now, despite all of these juices being extremely delicious, they are very high in sugar and not satiating at all. Although you consume many of the micronutrients found in the fruits and vegetables that make up the drinks, you are missing the key to staying regular and satiated....fiber.

In summary, I would not ever consider doing a juice cleanse again in the future. I would however purchase one of these juices as a little refreshing treat for myself since they were very tasty.

What are your thoughts on cleansing?